Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Strategically build your future workforce

The world is changing, and the workforce is changing with it. Technology, consumer dynamics and employment are continually evolving.

You can either respond to these changes, which can cost you in terms of time, wasted resources and inefficiencies, or you can proactively prepare with strategic workforce planning.

This is where we can help.

None of us can predict the future, but we can certainly help you to identify opportunities, potential risks and inefficiencies in your business, and develop a workforce that’s proactive, agile and responsive to change.

  • Strategically think about talent acquisition, development and management
  • Strategically leverage HR in organisational planning
  • Strategically align your business planning with your workforce planning.

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Community Services Provider

Ross provided clear project governance and management through an ongoing consultative process with our senior management. Their project management is inclusive and fosters trust.

OOHC and Disability Services Provider

Their recommendations, from a review of our services, were supported by sound research that allowed reliable decision making.

OOHC and Disability Services Provider

Strong policy analysis and deep knowledge of the service system.

NSW Government Policy Unit

The strategic planning led by Ross Beaton was an essential component of the success of our services – exceeding all targets.

Community Housing & Homelessness Services Provider

These are the best tenders we have ever done.

Mental Health Provider

Excellent stakeholder management – for government, non-government and peak body stakeholders.

NSW Government Policy Unit